Why? Why, you're asking, does Space feel like he needs to post pictures of all his dice on here? Does anyone care? Well, my dear site visitor, the answer is simple. I don't care. I love dice, I love collecting things and I love building web pages. I also like my nice camera. So it follows that I should make a bunch of pretty pictures of all my pretty dice. Because I do have a shipload of them. So here they are, in a very particular order. Please note the colors I list are not Chessex official. I made them up, in fact.

Spectrum Sets

Golden Bone Swirl

Bloody Bone White


Red & Gold

Deep Space

Mossy Bone

Meadow Green

Plain Orange

Orange Plasma & Black

Toxic Waste

Air Elemental

Earth Elemental

Copper & Steel Swirl

Fire Elemental

Water Elemental

Red & Gold Royalty

Tie-Dyed Swirl

Solar Flare Orange

Hot Lava

Antique White

Golden Liquor

Spring Bone

Plain Gray

Green & Gold Swirl

Blue & Gold Royalty


Diamond Clear

Specialty Sets & Scatters

Loose D4s

D6 Bone Group

Loose D6 Tiny Scale

Loose D6 Large Scale

Loose D10s

Various D20 Groups

Large Scale D20s & D30s

Demon D6 Group

Civil War Musket Ball D6s

Loose D6 Small Scale

Loose D8s

Loose D12s

Loose D20s

Hi-Res Dice Wallpaper

Loose D6 Numeraled

Costa Rican Handmade Wooden D6s

Loose D6 Pipped

Taupe D10 Group

Lemon Lime D20 Group

Spacey D20 Group

Treasure Chest

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